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To create network level broadcast television programming, with broad appeal, attracting a global audience, available on every potential distribution outlet, with a singular focal point: Israel.


To shape world-views about Israel from a Judeo-Christian perspective, by bringing the unfiltered truth about Israel to the world. FLJ stands strong and tall on the front lines of the public-opinion media war against Israel.

Mission Plan: 

home1FORMAT: FLJ is presented in a news desk and opinion panel format, with pre-recorded and live location feeds, as appropriate.

DISTRIBUTION: FLJ is distributed on The Walk TV network, that has a reach of 200 million households, world-wide. The Walk’s distribution includes 240 broadcast channels, 37 million cable house holds, totaling 50 million households in the USA. Their overseas satellite reach of 150 million households includes the Caribbean, Finland, India and the 10/40 Window of Asia and Africa. The 10/40 Window is a region of the world designated by Christian missionaries as the most hostile to Judeo-Christian principles and teachings. To find an affiliate, CLICK HERE.

In addition to this massive footprint, representing close to 600,000,000 people, FLJ has in-house distribution technology capable of reaching living rooms all over the world through broadcast, cable, and free-to-air satellite; through live streaming and on-demand access over the web across affiliate websites, social networks and smart TV platforms;  and on mobile devices through Android and iOS applications. FLJ is also available as a “free,” or non-profit “low-fee-based” Israeli news service to secular media outlets around the world.home2

FLJ provides accurate, timely reporting to any legitimate broadcast organization, at no cost, eliminating any financial barrier to reaching the world with the truth about Israel.

DESIGN: FLJ creates significant and relevant content using the highest production value possible. The presentation style and quality of the hosts, guests and programs have broad appeal, so the unfiltered truth about Israel can reach the largest possible audience, achieving maximum impact on the world stage.

home3PROGRAMMING: FLJ features: “unfiltered” hard news, opinion and commentaries; critical analysis from a Judeo-Christian perspective on issues and events that impact us daily and shape world views; additional programming includes profiles on Israeli news-makers, Jewish history, and Israeli-developed technology, industry and medicine. With unfettered access and support from credible sources at the highest levels of Israeli government, industry and society, including well-known and respected public figures and pundits – all in Israel ready to share the truth – FLJ will help turn the tide in the public-opinion media war against Israel.

FLJ hosts include:

Earl Cox

Earl Cox

Earl Cox, senior host: during a 20 year career as a Washington, DC insider, Cox worked in four successive presidential administrations, presenting the administration’s positions either as the chief or a senior-level spokesperson for the departments of agriculture, labor and commerce; Cox then became a political operative, running national level campaigns, and is now a pro-Israel Christian broadcaster and columnist. Mr. Cox is founder of Israel Always and co-founder and co-host of Front Page Jerusalem radio network, which is distributed by the Salem Radio Network, and is the most listened to radio broadcast out of Jerusalem, in the world, targeting Christian audiences. Mr. Cox also is a featured blogger for many media outlets, including the Jerusalem Post and the Christian Coalition of America, one of the nation’s largest conservative organizations.
Earl Cox was recently recognized by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as Goodwill Ambassador from Israel to Christians and Jews around the world, along with Shlomo Riskin, the Chief Rabbi of Efrat, Israel.

Note: The following video is NOT an FLJ project or program;
rather, one of the key programs our senior host, Earl Cox, is a part of.

From left to right, Earl Cox with Prime Ministers Benjamin Netanyahu, Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert.
Earl-interviewing-Israels-Prime-Minister-Benjamin-Netanyahu2    Ariel-Sharon-and-Earl-Cox-1024x766    Ehud-Olmert-and-Earl-Cox-1024x766
Below, Earl Cox with two former Chief Rabbis of Israel,
Rabbi Meir Lau and Rabbi Yona Metzger
Earl Cox with two former Chief Rabbis of Israel, Rabbi Meir Lau and Rabbi Yona Metzger


Pam Coy

Pam Coy

Pam Coy, news anchor & co-host: former international model and on-camera spokesperson / actress, working out of New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Milan and Munich; 10-year volunteer as a radio voice for Front Page Jerusalem radio network, and a volunteer for Israel Always, a pro-Israel grass roots organization; Ms. Coy is a former free-lance producer and on-camera correspondent, and is now with Frontline: Jerusalem.

David Parsons

David Parsons

David Parsons, guest host: an attorney, writer and Middle East specialist, currently lives with his family in Jerusalem, and serves as Media and Public Relations Director with the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem; is a contributing editor of The Jerusalem Post Christian Edition, and senior producer of the Front Page Jerusalem radio program.

Sampling of scheduled and probable upcoming guests:

  • Ron Dermer, a senior adviser to current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He formerly served as Israel’s Minister for Economic Affairs in the United States.
  • Michael Oren, Israeli ambassador the US.
  • Isi Leibler, Veteran Jewish Diaspora leader and associate of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.
  • Steve Linde, Editor-in-Chief, of the Jerusalem Post, plus other senior staff and journalists at the JP.
  • Various IDF officials and Knesset Members.
  • Various US Congressmen and Senators.
  • Various Israeli leaders, experts in the Middle East conflict, news-makers and pundits in the fields of politics, public policy, charitable NGOs, journalism, broadcast, education, medicine, industry and technology.